The Multi-Port Metering Valve offers the simplicity and reliability of fixed orifice metering coupled with the flexibility of eight air actuated ports. The valve can be custom configured to have from 1 to 8 ports. Each port can be selected to meter solution flows from 30 gpm (114 Lpm)  @ 3% up to 750 gpm (2,893 Lpm) @ 6%. Each orifice can easily be removed, replaced, added or changed in the field.  Each active port features a single acting spring loaded air actuator.

This air actuator features a manual override that will allow the system to manually function in the event of air system loss. The construction is red brass with stainless steel trim and positive rubber valve seats.

This valve is used in conjunction with the proper eductor in an “Around the Pump” (ATP) Foam System. Primarily used in airport rescue and firefighting trucks, this system offers economic reliability.  As each discharge is opened, an air signal is sent to the associated metering valve port. As each valve opens, more predetermined amounts of concentrate enter the system to maintain a 3 or 6% proportioning rate.