Consultation Services

Risk/Vulnerability/Hazard Assessments: Analysis of threats and vulnerabilities; Analysis of response capacity; On- and Offsite Impact analysis, Operational Risk analysis.

Project Management: Special Operations and Events; Turnkey Build-Operate-Transfer projects for Response, Training and C3 Systems or Facilities.

Emergency & Contingency Plans: Development of Emergency Management Strategy and Plans; Development and Formulation of Risk and Event Pre-plans and Plan Management Systems; Development of Electronic Management Systems.

Response System Development: Emergency Services and Industrial ERT analysis, design and formulation; Scoping and Design of Specialised Response Solutions for Hazmat, Petrochemical, Marine, USAR, WSAR, WMD and Mining Emergencies (other disciplines served as well); Portable and Mobile Response System design and specifications; Fixed Protection Systems design and specifications, Mutual Aid Strategies, plans and agreements.

C3 Systems – Command, Control & Communications: Incident Management system design and implementation; Disaster & Emergency Operations Centre’s design and implementation; Mobile Command System design and implementation, Communications Systems design and implementation.

Procedures & Plans:   Draft and implementation of Operational Tactical Procedures; Draft and implementation of Task-level Safe Work Instructions.

Fire Engineering:  Fire Engineering and Technical Consultancy is at the heart of our business. We have developed extensive experience across various sectors and worked with some of the biggest chemical companies in the world. By forming partnerships with our clients, we deliver bespoke solutions to ensure your business is prepared should the unthinkable happen

Prescriptive versus Performance Based:  Unlike other fire protection companies, we don’t just adopt a prescriptive approach to every situation. While prescriptive code compliance may be suitable for some projects, it can severely hinder the progress of others. We adopt a risk based, performance approach with our re-engineering to ensure you facility is suitably protected without constraint.

Computational Fluid Dynamics: In many projects (particularly buildings of innovative design and complexity), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) will likely be required as part of a design process to establish expected temperatures and smoke movement a re-situation. This may be to validate a building design or to justify deviation from codes or ‘best practice’.

Consequence Analysis (DNV PHAST): As Competent users of DNV’s PHAST, If you need consequence analysis for Safety case submission, modelling for your pre-incident plans or you want to demonstrate best practice to industry regulators by demonstrating risks have been analysed as far as reasonably practicable, we can help.

Document Review/Creation: The need for robust emergency response documents and procedures are required at operational, tactical and strategic levels, we can assist in creation or review of all documentation from Fire and Explosion Hazard Management plan through to incident specific pre incident plans. Our team of consultants are well versed in all international standards and will always steer our clients towards a risk based solution that meets their individual needs. Many of our team have taken an active role in the creation of the international standards that all operators within our industry follow and bring this experience to assist our clients in ensuring our clients have a high level of preparedness and regulatory compliance.

Testing & Exercising: It is the responsibility of the organisational leadership to ensure that all their staff are fully aware of their expected response in the event of an emergency. To ensure that all personnel can demonstrate these skills it is essential that a robust testing and exercising regime is in place. The testing and exercise regime should not be seen as a compliance event but more an opportunity to gain experience in any credible scenarios that the company may face. a good testing and exercising regime will also reinforce a high performance and high accountability culture within the organisation.