Our Training

Industrial Fire & Hazard Control, in conjunction with Williams Fire & Hazard Control, Rural Metro, Alto Tinto and Evolution Risk Assurance, offers a range of courses to meet our client’s needs. Industrial Fire & Hazard Control utilises Virtual Reality and Simulators as an extensive part of our training regime. The simulators and VR arena allow for continuous repetitive training in a class room.

– Train whenever, wherever without the need for extensive logistics and materials
– Improve operational preparedness of emergency response organisations
– Avoid high practical training costs
– Multidepartment training with different emergency services is possible
– Learn new skills in a safe environment
– Specialised training courses offered in cooperation with partners
– Realistic 3D training environments, company specific or generic
– Complete control and flexibility for the instructors
– Logging of all actions and decisions for debriefing


Our WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL firefighting professionals offer first-hand experience confronting industry’s largest fire events in our annual Industrial Fire & Hazard Training.

Classroom study and practical exercises will cover various incident profiles and fire dynamics, foam and dry chemical applications, response logistics and field operations, and large-volume equipment applications.

The course is designed primarily for advance level firefighters.


Industrial Fire & Hazard Control in conjunction with the Rural Metro Training Academy offer world class internationally accredited Fire Rescue Training. Rural Metro are a customer-focused organisation committed to delivering high quality programs and services in a congenial environment.


– A safe and welcoming environment
– Responsive, courteous and consistent service delivery
– Knowledgeable staff with the skills and capabilities to respond to your needs
– Access to tools and resources to assist you
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