Drone Services

Drone Disaster Management

Industrial Fire & Hazard Control offers a single source solution for all RPAS operations for fire, rescue, hazmat and disaster management environments.

Together with Prommac (Pty) Ltd, all required licences; third-party insurance; RPLs and CAA documentation are in place to fly legally and offer drone services to our customers. An array of software complements the payloads of the various drones, covering the full gambit of requirements for the rendered services.

Drone Services

Drone Services
Suitable for

Simulation training, inspections, firefighting operations, damage assessments, search and rescue, gas and vapour cloud emergencies, infrastructure integrity, 3D surveys, asset management, volumetric calculations, incident command, and control operations.

About the
RPAS Programme

The Industrial Fire & Hazard Control RPAS programme is the single biggest leap in the fire, rescue, hazmat and disaster management technology space in the past 10 years. The applications, together with the prerequisite software, are endless in the saving of lives and property; controlling of assets; creating 3D models; etc. Development of an addition to the programme is underway that will allow Industrial Fire & Hazard Control to offer a CAFS firefighting capability to heights of +80m using a drone.

The RPAS programme is used to capture a 3D model of the facility, which is incorporated into the Industrial Fire & Hazard Control training simulator. This enables the provision of full simulation training – including virtual reality – on the client-specific facility, ensuring the highest level of realistic training. Students engage in scenarios that could exist on the facility using the exact equipment and vehicles that are on site.