Bronto Skylift Fire And Rescue Hydraulic Platforms

Hydraulic Platforms

The wide-ranging experience from many different clients and superior safety standards, have helped us to build and maintain a flexible and customer-oriented service policy. As our partner, you can expect us to identify and understand your specific needs and to fulfil them with customized solutions, creating an exact fit for your hydraulic platform needs in municipal firefighting. The in-house manufacturing and the advanced modularity allows countless variations based on your expectations and regional regulations.

Benefits at every stage of operation

Bronto Skylift hydraulic platforms and other aerial applications can be mounted onto any commercial truck chassis. Because time is of the essence in saving lives and properties, Bronto Skylift designs are compact and quick to manoeuvre in ordinary traffic and streets to get to the destination quickly.

Hydraulic platforms provide quick access

At the emergency site, the vehicle can be quickly moved into place, in order to get the best access to the target. Due to the latest technology, setting up the equipment will be smooth and fast without any special preparations. Even the highest 112-meter hydraulic platform unit is up and functional within minutes.

The rescuing and fire fighting operations are supported by the optimal height-to-weight ratio and superior vertical and horizontal outreaches at all heights. This also enables the rescue operators to fully benefit from the efficient extinguishing and rescuing capacities.

Hydraulic platforms with rescue cages

With Bronto Skylift, you can have your vehicle equipped with the largest rescue cages available. A spacious rescue cage with customized features facilitates the fire fighters’ work during operation.

The high maximum load safely supports a larger number of people in the rescue cage. The rescue cages can also be equipped with accessories such as a wheelchair or stretcher, to provide additional assistance when rescuing elderly or injured persons.


With us, you can maintain and develop your fire fighting and rescue capacity with a long-term perspective. We are ready to ensure the availability your fire appliances with comprehensive lifecycle support. Our service offering includes versatile training possibilities, remote product and operator support, service visits and inspections, modernizations, repairs and spare parts availability for at least 25 years.

Hydraulic platforms for municipal firefighting

We offer a wide range of truck mounted hydraulic platforms

RPX aerial platforms
RPX aerial platforms

The RPX range is the cousin of the RLX range, with all the same features but no ladder. The telescopic cage boom and spacious rescue cage facilitate the fire-fighters’

XR aerial platforms
XR aerial platforms

The FL45XR and FL60XR provide municipal fire brigades with versatile usability and effective outreach. With its 26.5-meter outreach, the FL45XR represents the best performance of the 40+ meter units available. It is also the highest aerial platform in the world with ladders providing an outreach of 31.5 meters.

RLX aerial platforms
RLX aerial platforms

The RLX, or Rescue Ladder eXtra versatile, range represents the most advanced level of today’s aerial ladder platforms. Capabilities of the basic rescue cage and ladder can be enhanced with several additional features.

HLA articulated aerial platforms
HLA articulated aerial platforms

The HLA, or High Level Articulated aerial platform, range represents the ultimate in high-rise rescue and firefighting capability for fire brigades in urban environments. It includes the world’s highest truck-mounted aerial platform with a rescue height of 112 meters.

F28ALR - Versatile first response unit
F28ALR – Versatile first response unit

When a rescue mission has been launched, and you don’t fully know what you are up against, the F28ALR is the answer.

F 32 TLK telescopic aerial ladder platform
F 32 TLK telescopic aerial ladder platform

The F 32 TLK is a compact and easily manoeuvrable unit for an array of rescue and firefighting missions. This unit challenges conventional ladder vehicles and outperforms them as a significantly more efficient and versatile choice.

Options for municipal fire

In addition to our hydraulic platforms, we provide the following options and add-ons to our products:


Bronto’s aerial training simulator offers an engaging way to get virtually hands-on in manoeuvring and controlling a Bronto aerial platform. The application includes a complete Bronto+ control system and panels with authentic movements and functions.

A wide range of training situations in realistic virtual city environments

  • Numerous operating viewing angles
  • Instant feedback with reporting
  • Customized tracks and targets as an option for highest rescue readiness

B-LRF Laser Rangefinder

The B-LRF Laser Rangefinder is a compact measuring device using laser technology to measure distance. The data from the Bronto Laser Rangefinder aids in the pre-planning of unit positioning. It is compatible with all Bronto units with Bronto+ control systems. Positioning the unit may also be efficiently supported by outrigger led-lights which enable a fast space evaluation.

  • Measures the distance between the target and the aerial platform
  • Small and easy-to-use hand-held computer
  • Convenient display for results and calculating additional information

Bronto Loadman

The Bronto Loadman is a light-weight portable device for measuring the bearing capacity of a variety of surfaces. The device is easy to handle and can be used on practically all materials, under a wide-array of conditions.

  • Measures the load deflection by means of a falling weight inside the device
  • Includes a table of typical bearing capacities of Bronto aerial platforms on different soil types

B-WRC Wireless Remote Control

The B-WRC wireless radio remote control system performs the same standard main functions as the stationary control centre.

  • Secure control for all boom movements and other fire fighting functions
  • Ergonomic housing with a built-in antenna
  • Light-weight and user-friendly

B-SEC Portable Surveillance Kit

The B-SEC portable surveillance kit enables easy monitoring of fire fighting operations from, for example, operations centre. The package includes a colour video camera with high-performance zoom and a light-weight control tablet designed for outdoor use. The B-SEC kit can be retrofitted to all Bronto aerial devices.

  • Compact easy-to-mount camera with full 360º rotation pan and adjustable tilt control
  • Operational range of up to 300 meters, temperatures from -30 °C – +60 °C
  • Simple to view, control and record video with the wireless tablet
  • Options: IR/white light illuminator or thermal imaging camera