Installation Kit: Included with necessary fittings and hose for installation of the protection box within 3 feet of the pump head. All fittings are brass alloy and hose is rated to a minimum of 250 psi working pressure.
Venturi: Designed of all brass construction and mounted inside the protection box. It is designed to withstand high pressure and corrosion for long service – there is no plastic construction in any part of the Darley injection venturi.
Remote Mount Operation Placard: Made of 16 gauge stainless steel and mounted with stainless screws to the protection box.
Metering Valve: Installed on the SS placard with bulkhead nut and has a pointer knob control handle for fast volume control of injection. The 90º opening valve is all brass internal design.
Check Valve: Installed on the SS placard with 1/8” JIC fittings for the hose connection.
Strainer: Shipped loose and installed on the foam tank to prevent clogging of the venturi and valves in the FOAM FLURRY.
Protection Box: Made of 1/8” aluminium construction. It is able to be remote mounted away from the pump vibration as needed by the installer. It houses all the critical injection items – venturi, check valve, and meter valve.


The ATP FOAM FLURRY™ is our most economical proportioner. It is simple-to-install and operate, and works without 12v power – no amperage issues for small pumps. For your next Darley portable pump purchase, or for retrofitting your current pump, the ATP FOAM FLURRY™ will deliver foam cost effectively.

  • All brass construction – no plastic
  • Fast adjusting variable control ball valve
  • Capable of .5% injection rate up to 130 gpm


Injects up to .65 gallons a minute of Class A chemical under full flow. It requires a minimum discharge pressure of 80 to optimum 100 psi or above to inject. There is little or no pressure allowed into the suction head of the fire pump (hydrant use) when operating the FOAM FLURRY™