AFT – Advanced Firefighting Technology

Advanced Firefighting Technology
Pioneer in Portable, Low Pressure Water Mist & CAFS Firefighting Systems

AFT specializes in harnessing water mist & CAFS technology in portable formats that have given firefighting a new capability worldwide. All the AFT firefighting systems have the option of jet and spray firefighting mode for distance and close-range fire extinguishing and can be used for fire suppression, mop-up, exposure protection, as well as decontamination.

Advanced Firefighting Technology
AFT Technology

Advanced Firefighting Technology Gmbh (AFT) is a pioneer in portable, low-pressure water mist & CAFS firefighting systems offering a wide range of innovative water mist & CAFS fire protection extinguishers. The technology creates high-quality water mist at low pressure while ensuring maximum lancing distances for safe firefighting. The technology is adaptable to portable, mobile & fixed firefighting apparatus.

Advanced Firefighting Technology

AFT has applied advanced aerodynamics technology from flow engineering applications involving liquid/gas mixtures to create AFT water mist firefighting systems. The AFT technology creates a narrow distribution of ultra-fine water mist, foam, or CAFS using specialty nozzles.
The droplets create an enlarged surface area (almost 40 times) as compared to a conventional water tender. This results in rapid cooling due to extensive heat absorption and the resultant steam generated expands 1640 times in volume thus inserting the atmosphere around the fire. The combined effect of cooling and blanketing results in effective rapid extinguishing.