Bronto Skylift Industrial Platforms

Unmatched engineering for industrial firefighting

Bronto Skylift has developed a wide range of vehicles for industrial firefighting. Come and benefit from our unmatched engineering developed from long experience in numerous industrial environments and conditions. We are committed to keeping you equipped with safe and dependable fire appliances built to overcome challenging situations and to help you safeguard properties, people and businesses

Meeting industrial demands

Many of Bronto Skylift’s industrial customers have to perform in extreme environments from chemical plants to oil refineries, to nuclear power plants and more. For this reason, we are experienced in developing and providing solutions which can live up to even the most challenging tasks that have the highest safety and economic concerns on the line. Our industrial firefighting vehicles are designed to meet the requirements with, for example, strong extinguishing capacity and advanced radio remote control applications.

As our partner, we will ensure that your fire fighters will be able to advance on their targets quickly and safely. Further benefits can be seen from the exceptionally large water and foam capacity. The very nature of these fires makes it critical that they are controlled quickly. In addition to saving the target itself, it is crucial to prevent the fire from spreading to the surrounding areas where it may risk the safety of people and assets or cause serious environmental impacts.


Customized quality for Industrial Firefighting

In addition to safety, our industrial firefighting solutions are strongly based on a multi-functional usability principle. All of our vehicle concepts are designed to enable flexible modification and customization according to the tasks at hand. By manufacturing the products in-house, we make sure that they serve your specified needs to the very last detail. This also guarantees that the aerial platforms, with or without the rescue cage, can adapt smoothly to your own procedures, systems and standards.

The industrial firefighting machines are designed to be multi-standard and can be mounted on different chassis and equipped with fire pumps that meet your purposes. The optional features also include various foam mixing systems and remote controlled cameras for extended surveillance capability.

Services for industrial firefighting

With us, you can maintain and develop your firefighting and rescue capacity with a long-term perspective. We are ready to ensure the availability your fire appliances with comprehensive lifecycle support. Our service offering includes versatile training possibilities, remote product and operator support, service visits and inspections, modernizations, repairs and spare parts availability for at least 25 years.

Products for industrial firefighting

Super Extinguishers
Super Extinguishers

Bronto’s Super Extinguishers are true to their name with superior extinguishing capabilities specially designed for industrial fire brigades. They enable efficient and reliable operations with unmatched extinguishing capacity, a large rescue cage and extended reach.

Water Foam Towers
Water and Foam Towers

The WFT range provides ideal solutions for extinguishing targets that are difficult to reach and for cooling tanks under a fire hazard.

Options for industrial firefighting

B-WRC Wireless Remote Control

The B-WRC wireless radio remote control system performs the same standard main functions as the stationary control centre.

  • Secure control for all boom movements and other firefighting functions
  • Ergonomic housing with a built-in antenna
  • Light-weight and user-friendly

B-SEC Portable Surveillance Kit

The B-SEC portable surveillance kit enables easy monitoring for firefighting operations. The package includes a colour video camera with high-performance zoom and a light-weight control tablet designed for outdoor use. The B-SEC kit can be retrofitted to all Bronto aerial devices.

  • Compact easy-to-mount camera with full 360º rotation pan and 320º tilt control
  • Operational range of up to 300 meters, temperatures from -30 °C – +60 °C
  • Simple to view, control and record video with the wireless tablet
  • Options: IR/white light illuminator or thermal imaging camera