Advent Balanced Pressure Foam Systems

When simplicity and performance counts – count on Williams Fire and Hazard Control (WF&HC) Advent foam systems.

The Advent foam system was designed with the firefighter in mind. An emergency is not the time to perform complicated procedures in order to operate a foam system. The Advent system is activated by the flip of one switch. It’s that easy! Plus, Advent foam systems offer the proven performance and reliability of basic balanced pressure technology packaged in a user-friendly yet extremely versatile configuration.

The Advent systems were designed for use with WF&HC Thunderstorm type concentrates for hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuels and all “Class A” structural firefighting foams used today. The Advent can also be used to proportion other brands of modern “Class B” synthetic (Thixotropic) and protein foams.



System Overview

The system combines the proven reliability of a balance pressure foam system along with simplified user-friendly controls.  In operation, foam concentrate pressure, supplied by a positive displacement pump, shall be automatically controlled so that it is equal to system water pressure by regulating foam concentrate by-pass flow.  This by-pass flow is returned to the suction side of the foam pump.  A Foam-to-Water heat exchanger (shell & tube type) is employed to keep the foam cool in the event of a prolonged “dead head” pump operation.

Each water discharge (that is dedicated for foam operation) shall be equipped with a ratio flow controller, which proportions foam concentrate into the water line. The ratio controller is a device that creates a small “metering pressure drop” based on the amount of flow that is passing through it. The greater the flow the more foam enters the system, and the lower the rate the less foam enters the system.

Foam concentrate shall be pumped from the tank and discharged through metering valves to the individual ratio flow controllers. These metering valves function as a concentrate shutoff, as well as adjustable foam percentage control devices (up to 6%) for each foam system discharge.  Foam solution shall be produced at any ratio flow controller/discharge connection by opening the corresponding foam solution metering valve to the desired percentage rate. Plain water shall be simultaneously available at the remaining discharge connections.

The Advent system is available in standard capacities of 12, 30, 60 and 120 gpm (45, 114, 227 and 454 Lpm) foam concentrate flows.  The Advent 12 is available as a 230 VAC, 3 HP electric or chassis transmission PTO driven configuration. The 230 VAC electric driver versions can be used where all PTO openings are being utilized for other applications and/or foam system operation independent of chassis engine speed is needed and/or desired.  Advent 30, 60, 120 and all optional flow capacity systems available as PTO driven only.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost effective when compared to systems with equivalent capabilities
  • Multiple foam injection points
  • Simultaneous variable proportioning rates
  • Capable of operation with Class A or B foam concentrates
  • All mechanical components, no electronics
  • No additional load on the chassis electrical system (less than 1 amp @ 12 VDC)
  • Automatic pressure control
  • Manual by-pass capability
  • Installer friendly – Does not require common manifolding
  • Standard system capacities of concentrate flow rates from 12 to 120 gpm (45 – 454 Lpm)
  • Broad range of solution flow rates from 40 to 5,000 gpm (151 – 18,927 Lpm)

Available Options

  • Tank-to-pump and tank-fill controls
  • A/B tank selector and flush control
  • Optional single or dual tank controls sold separately
  • Individual discharge metering valves sold separately with discharge ratio controller kits
  • Pneumatic Tank Control Kit
  • Pneumatic A/B Change-over Kit