Williams Portable Around the Pump Foam Proportioning System WATP-1500

The Williams Around The Pump 1500 Portable Foam System was designed to turn any pumper into a foam producing device. This unit will proportion 3% foam solution up to 1500 GPM or up to 4500 GPM at 1%. It can work against hydrant pressure up to 50 PSI with only 150 PSI discharge pressure. This economical system is easy to use and is completely water driven; there are no pumps or parts to maintain.

Can’t get the foam to the pump? Not a problem! The WATP was designed to proportion foam from remote locations.


Features & Benefits

  • Operates up to approximately 33% Pump Suction Pressure.
  • (Example: Pump Discharge Pressure @150 PSI, Suction Pressure @ 50 PSI)
  • Proportions Class “B” Foam up to 4500 GPM at 1%.
  • Proportions Class “B” Foam up to 1500 GPM at 3%.
  • Proportions Class “B” Foam up to 750 GPM at 6%.
  • Positive Shut‐Off on Metering Valve.
  • Requires no maintenance.
  • Portable.
  • Water Powered.
  • Remote Proportioning Capabilities.
  • (Proportions with foam several hundred feet away from pump)
  • Check Valve Prevents Water from “Back Flowing” into Concentrate Source.

Each includes:

  • Base unit with jet pump, metering valve and metering chart.
  • 2.0” clear concentrate pick-up hose.
  • 2.0” valved drum stinger.