Drum Kit, Double Drum Kit and Tote Kit

A “Drum Kit” is the link between any self-educting nozzle and an atmospheric foam concentrate container.  It allows self-educting nozzles such as Hydro-Foam Ranger™ nozzles to pick up foam concentrate from a drum or other atmospheric containers.  The standard drum kit consists of a flexible reinforced clear foam pick-up hose, a pvc, quarter-turn ball type foam concentrate valve, a rigid pvc concentrate pick-up tube (“stinger”), and a pressure/vacuum vent.  This simple kit facilitates self-educting foam proportioning operation.

A Double Drum Kit is used to connect two (2) drums or tanks to a self-educting nozzle, and consists of a pvc tee connector, two flexible hoses; one 90˚ pvc elbow, two pvc quarter-turn ball type foam concentrate control valves, two pvc “stingers” and two pressure/vacuum vents.  A double drum kit allows longer self-educting foam proportioning or uninterrupted operation.  When one drum is empty, the fire fighter can replace it with a full one while picking up foam concentrate from the other one.

A Tote Kit connects a self-educting nozzle to the spigot of a foam concentrate tote.  It consists of a 2” flexible hose with 2″(F)NPSH connectors, a composite 2″(F)CAM × 2″(M)NPT adapter, a relief valve with vacuum breaker vent and 2″(M)NPT connector, and a composite reducing bushing if the concentrate port on the nozzle is smaller than 2”.