Ranger Automatic Hydro-Chem Monitor Nozzles

The Ranger™ Automatic Hydro-Chem™ Monitor Nozzle takes advantage of the effective range of an automatic monitor nozzle to deliver dry chemical along with water or a water/foam solution.  Designed to extinguish three dimensional or pressure fed fires, the unique nozzle discharges dry chemical at approximately 20 lbs/sec (9 Kg/sec) through the center of the water/foam stream, resulting in a reach distance not possible with conventional dry chemical equipment.



All Ranger Monitor Nozzles feature constant pressure modulation.  These nozzles can flow water or water/foam solution generated by various proportioning methods from 250 to 2,000 gpm (946 to 7,571 Lpm) depending on model number.  The nozzle tip pressure is automatically maintained at a nominal 100 psi (6.9 bars) ± 10% to assure maximum effective reach of the water/foam solution over the flow range.   The self-educting function is not available on these Hydro-Chem nozzles.  Pressurized stream of dry chemical such as the siliconized PKW from Williams Fire & Hazard Control is discharged via the built-in 1.5” (F)NPT chemical port through the dry chemical tip on the nozzle.  The dry chemical is carried by the water/foam steam to hit the target, overcoming the very limited reach distance of conventional dry chemical equipment.  In typical applications, water/foam solution is first used to control the fire followed by dry chemical discharge to extinguish it.

These nozzles are constructed of anodized aluminium and include a protective rubber bumper to keep the nozzle light weight and durable.  The discharge pattern is controlled easily from full fog to straight stream by an ergonomically designed rubber encapsulated wrap-around handle.

Water inlet is standard (F)NST connection. Optional BSP and NPSH threads are available upon request.  Chemical port is standard 1.5” (F)NPT connection.  Standard models are provided with manual pattern control.  Models with automatic pattern controls are available with 12v or 24v actuator for popular 3” or 4” monitors.


Above models are available with 12 or 24VDC actuator and either 18” (456 mm) bare leads for wiring to actuated monitors or plug for Akron, Elkhart or TFT actuated monitors.