Alpha Series Manual Monitors



Alpha series manual monitors are economical and yet rugged manual monitors suitable for many fixed applications.

With rugged, corrosion resistant brass construction, the Alpha-E monitor flows up to 1,250 gpm (4,732 Lpm).  Yet it is compact – just 16” (406 mm) in height without nozzle and approximately 58 lbs (26 Kg).

It features a 76mmNPT female outlet and a choice of 76mm or 100mm 68kg ANSI flange.

The tiller bar controls vertical movement 90° above and 45° below horizontal.

The monitor has a full, continuous 360° rotation with rugged, stainless steel lock hardware.  Brass balls are used in all swivel joints with grease fittings for easy lubrication.  The monitor comes with durable acrylic urethane finish.

The Alpha MA-HV4 monitor is a 100mm full flow monitor constructed with rugged lightweight aluminium weighing approximately 38 lbs (17 Kg)

It features a “Quick Acting” tiller-bar control for vertical movement 75˚ above and -25˚ below vertical and is capable of 360° horizontal movements.

The single 100mm full-flow waterway with internal turning vanes is designed to provide maximum efficiency at a maximum flow of 2,000 gpm (7,570 Lpm).

The “Easy-Lock” brake system insures that the nozzle position “stays put” with the simple twist of an ergonomically designed locking bar.

The monitor is supplied with a 88mm (M)NH outlet and a 100mm 68kg flat-faced flange inlet.

An optional pressure gauge is available upon request.

A Brass version is also available as Alpha MB-4.

The Alpha-SWH monitor is constructed from rugged corrosion resistant cast brass.

Capable of achieving, with a flow efficient 76mm unobstructed waterway, flows up to 1,250 gpm (4,732 Lpm).  All construction features are designed to minimize maintenance needs.  The hand-wheel driven stainless steel worm gear is fully enclosed in the gear case and protected from the elements.  Four ball races, with bronze balls in all swivel joints, include grease fittings for easy lubrication.

Standard model features vertical travel from 70° above to -60° below horizontal as well as full 360° horizontal travel with positive twist lock.  Gear holds vertical position wherever it is stopped.

It features a 63kg (M) NHT outlet and 68kg flat faced inlet flange.

Compact in size – 16” (406 mm) in height and 48.5 lbs (22 Kg) in weight, this extremely versatile monitor serves a variety of real-world needs. Monitor is supplied with red urethane enamel finish.