DASPIT Tool and Mini DASPIT Tool

The Williams Fire & Hazard Controls DASPIT Tool, used in the field for decades, is an innovative solution for firefighters designed to stabilize a large-volume attack monitor to the rim of storage tanks.

When hand-line nozzles or portable monitors are just not going to deliver the flow and distances needed in a challenging situation, a large volume monitor will be needed to mount the attack.  The unique features of the DASPIT Tool allow securing it to nearly any strong point along I-beams, tank rims, crosswalks, marine railings, and even track hoe blades.

With a built-in waterway to accept water/foam solution and a mating flange to connect a monitor of up to 2,000 gpm (7,570 Lpm), the DASPIT Tool provides an instant and temporary monitor station appropriate for the fire and surroundings along the perimeter to mitigate the hazards with ease and safety.

The DASPIT Tool with tank clamps weighs approximately 54 lbs (22.5 Kg) and can easily be handled and set up by one or two firefighters for applications in sunken roof, rim seal fire and vapor suppression/mitigation. A lightweight aluminium monitor and inlet elbow are carried up individually and installed with quick-connects. Once the job is done, the DASPIT Tool can be quickly dismounted and packed up.  With optional accessories, it can also be mounted to a truck bed or on ground for versatile deployment.  It is a must-have tool for all fire departments.

The Mini DASPIT Tool, a smaller version of the DASPIT Tool, is also available with an included monitor capable of flowing 1,250 gpm (4,730 Lpm) of maximum flow.




  • Patented DASPIT Tool tank frame clamp with 5” vertical waterway.
  • DASPIT Tool Specialty Flange Monitor Adapter.
  • DASPIT Tool rotator elbow with 5” Storz inlet and 4.5” (F) NH swivel adapter (this allows the hose to be run down the wind girder/platform on the tank).

Nominal Weights for References

DASPIT tool with tank clamp: 54 lbs (22.5 Kg)

90˚ aluminum rotator elbow with 4.5” (F)NH swivel x 5” Storz adapter: 22 lbs (10 Kg)

4” aluminum tiller bar monitor w/ 4.5” (F) NH swivel inlet: 43 lbs (20 Kg)

4” aluminum dual hand wheel monitor with 4.5” (F)NH swivel inlet:  50 lbs (23 Kg)

Ranger 1.5 nozzle: 22 lbs (10 Kg)