Ranger 3™ and Ranger 3+ Deck Guns

The “Ranger 3™” and the “Ranger 3 PLUS” monitor nozzle packages are capable of self-educting foam concentrate, and can do so while maintaining a nearly constant pressure and a constant foam percentage (1% or 3% selectable) regardless of the flow rate.  Discharge flow rates from 1,000 – 3,000 gpm (3,785-11,356 Lpm) for the Ranger 3™ and 1,000 – 4,000 gpm (3,785-15,142 Lpm) for the Ranger 3+ can be water only, Hydro-Foam™ (using jet pumps or automatic constant/selectable metering) or Hydro-Chem™ for extinguishing liquids and gases under pressure.

The Ranger 3™ “Hybrid” nozzle has the unique capability to perform as an automatic pressure or fixed flow nozzle.  During automatic operation the nozzle will respond to varying flows to maintain a nearly constant tip pressure at 100 psi (6.9 bars) ± 10%, thus maximizing effective range for a given discharge flow.  Once the nozzle reaches the fixed flow set point between 1,000 – 3,000 gpm (3,785-11,356 Lpm), it performs as a conventional fixed flow nozzle. This is desirable for foam proportioning operations on storage tank fires or other hazards requiring specific application rates.

The Ranger 3™ nozzle is also capable of Hydro-Foam™ proportioning at rates up to 3,000 gpm (11,356 Lpm) @ 3% (Ranger 3™ PLUS available up to 4,000 gpm or 15,142 Lpm @ 1% only).  It can automatically maintain a nearly constant foam percentage (1% or 3%) throughout the entire flow range while self-educting. It can optionally be configured to proportion foam from remote locations using jet pump technology (thus forfeiting the constant/selectable metering feature). The extensive “Ranger 3™” options also allows this nozzle to be Hydro-Chem™ capable with “PKW™” flow rates from 25 lbs/sec (11.3 Kg/sec) to 50 lbs/sec (22.7 Kg/sec) (Note that this option will replace the self-educting feature and will require jet pumps to maintain foam proportioning functionality).  The single 6” full flow stainless steel waterway construction provides minimum friction loss, maximum efficiency, and years of trouble-free service.  Available with gear operated, hydraulic driven hard wired or wireless remote control.  The standard control provides full monitor articulation of 360˚ rotation and down to -10˚ and up to +80˚ vertical travel.
Pattern control from straight stream to full fog is accomplished via a full wrap-around handle attached to the outer sleeve or remote control.