Class “A” Foam Proportioner. The Fast Foam system offers a reliable, accurate, compact foam proportioning system at an economical price. This model treats up to 250 gpm @ 1% at pressures up to 175 psi.

he motor is a 12 VDC, ½ hp continuous speed electric motor. The maximum amp draw at full load, 175 psi (12 b) will be 39 amps. The pump is a continuous duty, piston type, positive displacement pump. The pump is rated at 2.5 gpm (9.5 L/min). The pump shall be supplied with a 250 psi (17.2 b) safety relief valve for protection against over pressurization. The Venturi will flow up to 250 gpm (946.3 L/min).

Up to 250 gpm @ 1% at pressures up to 175 psi

2.5 gpm/250 gpm, 1/2 hp 12vdc motor, pilot operated relief valve
Low concentrate float switch
Venturi 2” NPT
Includes installation kit
Control panel placard with on/off switch and low concentrate light, adjustable foam percentage valve.