ATP Eductors

The Around The Pump Eductor is a fundamental, economical, yet proven way to produce foam on a fire truck. In operation a portion of the fire water discharge is diverted to the eductor. The eductor picks up foam concentrate from the on-board atmospheric foam tank and delivers it to the suction side of the water pump. A metering valve such as the Multiport Metering Valve controls the amount of concentrate entering the system. This, along with the rate of discharge, determines the solution flow rate; typically from 1% to 6%. All discharges in this type of system will produce foam solution. Eductors are constructed of brass to provide years of trouble free service.



2” 3”
A 7.5” 10”
B 3.875” 5.0625”
C 2.8125” 2.6875”
D 2.625” 3.3125”
E 1.5” 2”
F 2” 3”
G 10” 15”

Model Numbers

Part # Ratio Controller Size Configuration Nominal Concentrate Flow Maximum Proportioning Rates (gpm)


Maximum Proportioning Rates (gpm)


Drive Water Flow @ 200 psi
2.0EDCT-75 2” Grooved 75 gpm 2500 1250 85 gpm
3.0EDCT-150 3” Grooved 150 gpm 5000 2500 150 gpm