Dual Agent Chamber – Storage Tank Protection

Williams Fire & Hazard Control’s Dual Agent chamber applies a two-phase response to fires within internal floating roof tanks.

Our experience has shown these fires are particularly difficult to extinguish for several reasons.

The inherent tank design (a floating pan roof riding atop the stored product with a fixed roof above encasing the internal mechanics) may allow for residual flammable vapor to linger above the floating pan roof.

While traditional foam applications from foam chambers may extinguish a rim, or even a full surface fire above the floating pan, the trapped vapor space insdie and above the pan remains volatile and susceptible to re-ignition … with potentially dramatic and dangerous results. (See our “TankTop” video)

As seen in this demonstration, our Dual Agent chamber applies a two-phase attack to first extnguish and secure the surface fire with a foam blanket, then follows with a PKW dry-chemical burst that extinguishes the flammable vapor above the blanket as we as evacuating that space of vapor rendering it inert.


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