VITA 4-in-1 – the all-natural, germ killing solution in the fight against infections

With the second, more aggressive wave of Covid-19 taking hold in S.A., now is not the time to slack on precautions to keep yourself safe from this horrible virus. The best defence is a good offense, and what is better than a tried and tested non-toxic sanitizer that you can apply to the infection points, i.e. orally, nasal, on your face and even in your eyes. VITA 4-in-1 is SABS, NRCS, EPA and FDA tested and approved and is also Halaal certified.

It is the only natural germ killing solution that is safe to use on all infection points, even on children as well as on your food etc. VITA 4-in-1 is effective in killing all pathogens, microbes, prions, biofilm and viruses, with the US Environmental Protection Agency approving it as a disinfectant for use against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19.

Trevor Fiford, manager of Advanced Health Care Program, tells Engineering News that, as a group, Advanced is intensely passionate about the healthcare and wellbeing of people. As a result, it created VITA 4-in-1, an electrolysed saline that has been scientifically refined into a product that is completely natural, nontoxic and environment-friendly. It is ideal for sanitising, decontaminating, disinfecting and sterilising the human body and surfaces.

Unlike all sanitisers on the market, most of which are toxic, VITA 4-in-1 can be used confidently as a sanitiser and an asceptisiser which makes it a unique and effective product on the world market.