The Dual-Agent Foam Chamber

The Dual-Agent Foam Chamber from WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL is a direct response to a challenge discovered in the field mitigating fires in internal floating roof tanks. It is one tool that addresses both threats occurring during an internal floating roof tank fire — the surface fire (fuel-in-depth), and the potential vapor air explosion due to residual flammable vapor above the pan.

Once alight, the vapor trapped in the space inside and above the floating pan is challenging to extinguish and to “evacuate” from outside the tank. The surface fire inside the tank can be controlled by foam solution discharged from conventional foam chambers but the flammable vapor trapped inside the tank still poses a huge fire or even explosion risk.

LW series dual-agent chambers combine both foam and dry-chemical applications to the internal fire. First a foam application will extinguish and secure the surface fire, then a secondary dry-chemical (such as WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROLS’ PKW) discharge dispels any residual flammable vapor above the foam blanket — rendering the internal space inert thus allowing safe follow-up risk mitigation and recovery operations.


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