Launched in the Spring of 2021, the Oshkosh Striker Volterra performance hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) is meticulously engineered to channel mechanical power and battery power to enhance driving and pumping performance while being mindful of fuel consumption and emissions.
At the heart of the new Striker Volterra ARFF is Oshkosh Corporation proprietary technology including an Oshkosh patented hybrid-electric drivetrain allowing for zero-emissions operation when powered by batteries.
The Striker Volterra HEV is consistent with current Striker ARFF models for seamless integration into existing fleets and no additional training is necessary.

• Up to 40% reduced fuel consumption
• Reduced engine maintenance.
• Automatic idle management with up to one
hour of zero-emissions standby operation.
• Zero emissions when running on battery power.
• 28% improved acceleration when fully loaded.


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