PyroUHP and Advanced FST revolutionising fire fighting

PyroUHP and Advanced FST revolutionising fire fighting

South Africa is considered to be a water scarce country and, following existing predictions and the current water usage, demand will outstrip supply in the not too distant future. As our infrastructure development continues, the threat of fire increases and so does the pressure on our water supply systems and the overall availability of water.

Advanced is constantly seeking new reliable and proven technology to assist our fire fighters in their everyday battle with fire. It is for this reason that Advanced has partnered with PyroUHP to bring this Ultra High Pressure technology to South Africa. However, this is not a mere Ultra High Pressure fire fighting system; indeed, this is a philosophy and a fire fighting tactic if correctly applied. The results are astounding.

This latest technology addresses the following:

  • Reduce the requirement for life threatening ventilation activities
  • Decrease fire fighter exposure to carcinogens that cause cancer
  • Accelerated extinguishing mechanisms using
  • Heat extraction
  • Oxygen depletion
  • Radiation blocking
  • Air dilution
  • Reduced flame velocity

All this with less than one sixth of the amount of water used in conventional fire fighting activities. The PyroUHP system is more effective than conventional fire fighting, it is safer for the firefighters, it extinguishers fires faster than conventional methods and it is small and compact.