PyroUHP in Africa

PyroUHP in Africa – Over 54% of all fires globally, occur in Africa.

PyroUHP Ultra High-Pressure fire suppression systems can extend the effectiveness of your water supply by 500%. It takes only 20 gallons per minute to equal the fire suppression of 120 gpms of a conventional system. This can be a critical in a rural or wildland era. But even in urban settings, less water means less residual damage. And rapid extinguishing time puts you in control faster.

Conventional low-pressure systems are water hogs. A typical system is pumping out hundreds of gallons per minute, flooding property and causing irreparable damage in the process. This situation is bad enough when water hook ups are plentiful. But when you go remote, and the tanker is running low, things can go from bad to worse quickly.


Pyro UHP equipment is indisputably the most efficient way to put out most fires. It’s also the most cost efficient. Even so, compared to traditional systems, our systems have a tiny footprint. Most can fit on the bed of a pick-up truck. We are not implying that the pumper engine is obsolete. Yet.

  • Most can fit on the bed of a pick-up truck
  • Hundreds of thousands less than a fire truck
  • Requires less manpower and training
  • Requires less maintenance


When it comes to water, Low Pressure droplets are simply too large. 85-90% goes right through the fire and end up as run off. Hydro-chemists have shown that only the outside layer of each water droplet fights a fire.

  • UHP is a powerful 1400 psi. Low pressure is a feeble 150 psi.
  • UHP breaks each drop into 64 droplets
  • This produces 12-16 times the surface area
  • This multiplies the fire extinguishing power


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