Williams Double-5 Industrial Fire Hose

Williams Double-5 Industrial Hose is a unique lightweight 7¼” (184mm) large diameter hose woven with 100% filament polyester for superior durability and pressure performance.  It is capable of significant water flow at higher pressures, yet with minimal friction loss of less than 3 psi per 100 feet (0.21 bars/30.5 m) @ 1500 GPM. It can flow twice as much volume as a 5” (127 mm) hose, hence the name “Double 5”.  It is specifically designed to combat oil refinery and large storage tank fires and features a double jacket construction with ozone and aging resistant Thermal Polyurethane lining. The outside jacket is treated with beige (tan) ENCAP elastomer, which completely encapsulates the jacket fibers and not merely surface coat the jacket, to provide water repellency, abrasion, oil and chemical resistance.




Product Color Beige (tan)
Hose Diameter 7.25” (184 mm)
Couplings 6” (152 mm) Locking Storz
Weight without couplings 1.35 lbs/ft (2 Kg/m)
Coupling Weight (2 ends/section) 25 lbs (11.3 Kg)
Flat Width 10.5” (267 mm)
Thickness 0.42” (10.7 mm)(edge)
Service Test Pressure 300 psi (20.7 bars)
Proof Test Pressure 600 psi (41.4 bars)
Minimum Burst Test Pressure 750 psi (51.7 bars)
Minimum Pressure Loss due to Friction Per 100 ft (30.5 m) 3 psi (0.21 bars)
Service Temperature -65 °F to 150°F (-54°C to 65°C)
Maximum Elongation at Service Test 10%


Hoses in other lengths and colours may be available upon request.