The Ranger 3 and 3+ Nozzles

The Ranger 3 and 3+ Nozzles, featuring “Smart Nozzle” Technology, were designed for today’s municipal and industrial fire fighters by providing superior performance and protection in one device.  These nozzles are unique large volume monitor nozzles designed to combat challenging fire hazards involving flammable liquids in storage and liquids under pressure.

The Ranger 3 Nozzle is capable of self-educting foam concentrate while maintaining a nearly constant pressure and a nearly constant foam percentage (1% or 3% selectable) regardless of the flow rate.  Flow rates are available from 1,000 – 3,000 gpm (3,790 -11,360 Lpm).

The nozzle is capable of discharging water only, a water foam solution with Hydro-Foam technology using jet pumps or utilizing the automatic self educting feature with constant/selectable metering, or dry chemical using the Hydro-Chem™ technology.



Features & Benefits

Advanced “Hybrid” Nozzle Technology – The Ranger 3 nozzle has the unique capability to function as either an automatic pressure or fixed flow nozzle.  In automatic operation, the nozzle will respond automatically to varying flow rates to maintain a nearly constant tip pressure at 100 psi (6.9 bars) ± 10%, thus maximizing effective reach for a given discharge flow.  This feature is useful in situations where stable water supply has not been established or desirable flow rate is not available.  Once the nozzle reaches the fixed flow set point, which is established by using the fixed position plugs, the nozzle functions as a conventional fixed flow nozzle as water supply increases.

A full wrap-around handle attached to the nozzle outer sleeve provides easy pattern control from full fog to straight stream.

Hydro-Foam Self Educting Proportioning – For easy and efficient foam application, the self-educting Ranger 3 nozzle is capable of Hydro-Foam proportioning which automatically proportions foam concentrate at a nearly constant percentage (1% or 3% up to 3,000 GPM or 11,360 Lpm) throughout the entire flow range.

The Ranger 3+ nozzle has additional capacity to flow up to 4,000 gpm (15,140 Lpm) but only with 1% proportioning at the higher flow rate. After the concentrate enters the nozzle, a “flood-plate” disperses the rich water/foam solution around the inner periphery of the master stream for thorough mixing.

Hydro-Foam Jet Pump Proportioning Capability – This version of the Ranger 3 nozzle is capable of proportioning foam remotely using jet pumps. In Hydro-Foam jet pump mode, the nozzle is fed by remote jet pumps that can be located at the foam source, thousands of feet away from the incident (distance varies).

Hydro-Chem Capability – This version of the Ranger 3 nozzle is capable of discharging 25 lbs (11.3 Kg) or 50 lbs (22.7 Kg) of dry chemical per second with its dry chemical accessories for combating 3-dimensional or pressure fires. The Hydro-Chem option allows dry chemical, such as Williams Fire & Hazard Controls’ PKW, to be discharged inside the protective “Tunnel” of the master stream.  This enables the dry chemical to reach a greater distance than is possible with conventional equipment.

Dry chemical manifolds are available for interconnecting Williams Fire & Hazard Controls’ Gorilla 500 LB PKW units or common wheeled dry chemical units to produce the required flow.  The nozzle has interchangeable tips that can be fitted to provide 25 or 50 lbs/sec (11.3 Kg or 22.7 Kg/sec) of dry chemical flow rate.  Hydro-Foam proportioning capability is not included in this version of the nozzle.  Foam proportioning should be provided by a separate foam system.

Note: Ranger 3/3+ monitor trailers from Williams Fire & Hazard Control can include both Hydro-Foam jet pump proportioning and Hydro-Chem capability on the same nozzle.

Ranger 3/3+ Hydro-Foam Nozzle Proportioning Options

Flow Rate Self-Educting Proportioning Remote Proportioning with Jet Pump
1% 3% 1% 3% 6%
1,000 Gpm 3,790 Lpm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2,000 Gpm 7,570 Lpm Yes Yes Yes Yes No
3,000 Gpm 11,360 Lpm Yes Yes Yes Yes No
4,000 Gpm* 15,140 Lpm* Yes No Yes No No

*Available with Ranger 3+ nozzle.

Performance Data

Ranger3+ Range and Elevation Performance

Operating Pressure 100 psi

Flow Rate (gpm) Nozzle Angle 30° Nozzle Angle 45° Nozzle Angle 80°
Max Range (ft) Max Height (ft) Height Location  (ft) Max Range (ft) Max Height (ft) Height Location (ft) Max Range (ft) Max Height (ft) Height Location (ft)
1000 211 34 143 190 76 127 87 94 59
2000 286 45 191 211 95 141 112 130 75
3000 309 49 207 232 105 155 117 150 78
4000 333 53 223 276 124 185 121 162 81


Above data for straight stream in still air to 5 mph tail wind condition using water only.

Foam decreases range 5-20% in still air.  Winds increase stream aspiration and reduce range further.


12v DC, 24v DC, and hydraulic pattern control available, consult WFHC engineering.

*Jet pump is not included.  Order separately.