Storm King Mountain was created to provide burn-over protection products to wildland fire fighters, using the latest in space-age materials and manufacturing techniques.

Named after the mountain in Colorado where fourteen firefighters died in a burnover in 1994, Storm King Mountain has been a leader in providing products that use thermal insulating materials to protect firefighters in a fast moving flame front. Fire Barrier Curtains save lives.

The Storm King Mountain material has layers utilizing reflective material combined with high temperature insulation.  This reduces the amount of energy and heat transferred, while providing lightweight, flame resistant curtains.  Their low weight also means low bulk to allow the curtains to be stowed in a small area, providing better visibility for the firefighters.  The highly reflective, weatherproof outer layer provides effective protection from sun, rain and wind, as well as a fire barrier.  All Velcro materials are flame resistant and any brass zippers utilize Nomex tapes.  These products are designed for years of use by firefighters.