Battler Monitor Trailer

The Battler Large Flow Monitor Trailer is a mobile firefighting platform capable of large volume discharge to elevations difficult to attain by conventional equipment. The Battler was developed to provide fire suppression, cooling, personnel protection, toxic gas dispersion and more.  It is designed to flow up to 10,000 GPM (37,800 LPM) of water or extinguishing foam solution with Hydro-Foam™ technology.  The platform provides the operator the freedom of smooth, rapid horizontal and vertical movement and a maximum articulation of 360˚, making this trailer a superior weapon in fighting large scale industrial fires and mitigating other extremely challenging hazards.



Features & Benefits

Advanced “Hybrid” Nozzle Technology – The integrated nozzle on the Battler Monitor Trailer has the capability to perform as an automatic pressure or fixed flow nozzle. During automatic operation, the nozzle will respond to varying flows to maintain a nearly constant tip pressure of 100 PSI (6.9 bar) ± 10%, maximizing the reach distance for a given discharge flow.  This allows the monitor to be extremely useful for applications where the water supply may be inadequate, variable, or to establish initial discharge while more supply lines are being connected.

In fixed flow mode, the nozzle can be pre-set with the included fixed position plugs (flow stops) to a desired flow rate between 4,000 and 10,000 GPM (15,100 and 37,800 LPM) for specific situations.  As the water supply increases, flow rate and reach distance increase with a nearly constant K-factor.  If the flow is not hitting the target and you need to boost distance, simply increase the water supply (by increasing pump engine throttle if water is supplied by a pump).  Once the flow rate hits the set point, it performs as a conventional fixed flow nozzle with a variable K-factor.  This mode is important for foam proportioning operations on storage tank fires or other hazards requiring specific application densities, thus a specific flow rate.

Hydro-Foam Proportioning – The Battler nozzle is designed with Hydro-Foam proportioning at flow rates up to 10,000 GPM (37,800 LPM) @1% or 8,000 GPM (30,000 LPM) @ 3%, using remote jet pump technology for easy and efficient foam application.  Jet pumps are supplied with the trailer.  A “flood-plate” disperses the rich water/foam solution (from the jet pumps) around the inner periphery of the master stream for thorough mixing.

Highly Efficient Waterway – The trailer has a 12” (300 mm) integrated stainless steel waterway to provide minimum friction loss, maximum efficiency, and years of reliable service.  The inlet manifold features standard Storz couplings with caps.  Various combinations of inlet sizes are available to provide maximum connectivity.  The monitor is built with a 10” (250 mm) waterway.  The nozzle features a hard coat anodized aluminium and stainless steel assembly.

User-friendly Operations – The nozzle has a full wrap-around handle attached to the outer sleeve to provide an easy pattern control from full fog for personnel protection to straight stream for maximum reach and delivery.  The monitor allows a full articulation of 360˚ rotation and down to +15˚ and up to +75˚ vertical travel.  The trailer features a 400 gallon (1,500 L) ballast for stability to counteract the reactionary force generated by the large flow.  The ballast is below an anti-skid grip deck for firm footing even when the surface is completely wet.  The dual gear operated monitor can be easily and safely controlled by a firefighter for pan and tilt.  Four point trailer jacks ensure stability during operation.

Each Batter Monitor Trailer is supplied as a tandem axle bumper pull trailer with a tool box and a foam proportioning package included.  Following options are also available:

  • European style light package
  • Radio remote-controlled electric/hydraulic monitor control with gear backup
  • Custom inlet combination

Standard Battler Trailers

Part Number Control Type 5″ (120 mm) Inlets 6″ (150 mm) Inlets 12″ (300 mm) Inlets
10275 Gear Operated 9
10276 Gear Operated 8
10277 Gear Operated 4 1
10278 Gear Operated 4 2
20289 Wireless Remote Control 9
20290 Wireless Remote Control 8
20291 Wireless Remote Control 4 1
20292 Wireless Remote Control 4 2


All above inlets are STORZ style couplings with caps.

All above come with a complete foam proportioning system for Hydro-Foam nozzle

Can also use Williams Fire & Hazard Control JPMA 3-300 Jet Pump Manifold for simplified foam proportioning operation.

Alternative to jet pumps for foam proportioning, Jet Pump Manifold Assemblies may be used.


JPMA 3-300 Standard Units (Jet Pump Manifold Assembly)
Part Number Water Inlet Connections Rich Solution Discharge Connections
10232 2.5″ (F)NST 2 x 4” Storz
16217 2.5″ (M)BI 2 x 4” Storz
10233 2.5″ (F)NST 5″ Storz
16218 2.5″ (M)BI 5″ Storz
10234 2.5″ (F)NST 6″ Storz
16219 2.5″ (M)BI 6″ Storz


Part Number Inlet (from JPMA 3-300) Outlet (to 3″ Battler Foam Hose)
15848 4″ Storz 3″ (M)NPSH
15849 5″ Storz 3″ (M)NPSH
20131 6″ Storz 3″ (M)NPSH
20132 4″ Storz 4″ (M)NPSH
16884 5″ Storz 4″ (M)NPSH
20133 6″ Storz 4″ (M)NPSH


The JPMA 3-300 will proportion up to 300 GPM (1,135 LPM) of foam concentrate.

The JPMA 3-300 will facilitate 1% proportioning with up to 10,000 GPM (37,800 LPM) or 3% with up to 8,000 gpm (30,000 LPM) of water

NST and NH are compatible, BI stands for British Instantaneous

Customized models are available but lead time and cost may be affected.