Preferred Firefighting Hazmat and Mitigation Services Supplier

Industrial fire and hazard control is the preferred firefighting hazmat and risk mitigation products and services supplier to the petrochemical and oil and gas industries on the African continent.

Using only the best products on offer from the Williams Fire and Hazard control company and Johnson Controls, Industrial Fire and Hazard Control offers end-to-end solutions for the three spheres of operation namely:
– Upstream exploration and production
– Midstream processing distribution and storage and
– Downstream refining
Industrial Fire and Hazard Control is also active in the mining and aeronautical industries and works with military municipal national and forestry firefighting departments.

Industrial Fire and Hazard Control’s extensive product range includes:
– Dry chemical powder
– Pkw co2 and water foam extinguishers
– Foam concentrates
– Hoses
– Large volume water pumps
– Hydrants
– Mobile firefighting equipment monitors and nozzles
– Portable extinguishing systems

Industrial fire and hazard control services include:
– Foam testing fire incident reporting application assistance
– Fire investigation
– Emergency foam supply
– Firefighting phone training facility evaluations
– Risk assessments and risk mitigation

Industrial fire and hazard controls hazmat and risk mitigation services include:
– Firefighting foam training
– Firefighting vehicle rentals
– Manufacturing of specialized response vehicles
– Manufacturing and maintenance of the trucks and incident command services


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