Wildland Units
Wildland Skid Unit

The Industrial Fire & Hazard Control Wildland Skid is a unit that has been engineered and developed to suit almost all pick-up (bakkies) units available in South Africa, either single or double cab.

The units is designed for fire mitigation in the realms of wildland fires. Fitted with a 650 litre stepped tank, a UHP pumps system comprising a Wuli WL25ASB pump driven by a XR950 Briggs & Stratton engine, a single manual rewind hose reel with 30m x 12mm hose and a trigger operated UHP gun.
The Wildland Skid fits snuggly into a special stainless steel frame with mountings for hoes, fire beaters, knapsack pumps, etc. The Wildland Skid is fitted with a Class A Silv-ex foam back pack system which instantly converts the unit into a foam firefighting unit