The Deluge System
The Industrial Fire & Hazard Control “DELUGE” System

Industrial Fire & Hazard Control, a proud member of the Advanced Group of Companies, in collaboration with Williams Fire & Hazard Control, has engineered and built the ultimate in high-capacity firefighting water supply systems to cater for every eventuality. Mitigating the most extreme and dangerous fire incidents by applying overwhelming fire suppression power is our business.

Extreme fire risks in the petrochemical, oil and gas incidents requires robust emergency planning and an effective response which, by its very nature, requires specialised equipment, equipment that must exceed the sheer magnitude of these fire incidents. The biggest challenge in the response capability has always been the continuous and sufficient supply of water to feed the multitude of delivery apparatus. This challenge is now something of the past with the introduction of the “DELUGE” system.

The Deluge System
SURGEMAX high volume submersible pumps

“SURGEMAX” high volume submersible pumps – 30,000 l/min from a water source up to 61m away from the “DEPENDAPOWER” and with a vertical lift of 10.6m. Total capable lift is 40m.

The Deluge System
DEPENDAPOWER high volume booster pump

“DEPENDAPOWER” high volume booster pump – 30,000 l/min from submersible pumps or 53,000 l/min from draft AND submersible pumps.

The Deluge System
MEGALIFT ultra load hook loading system

“MEGALIFT” ultra load hook loading system – hydraulic hook loader system for lifting and lowering the “DEPENDAPOWER” system incorporating the “SURGEMAX” hydraulic submersible pumps.

The Deluge System
TITANHOOK pro-lift crane system

“TITANHOOK” pro-lift crane system with a lifting capacity of 1950kg at 6m and 590kg at 16m.

The Deluge System
ANNACONDA high volume automated hose retrieval system

“ANNACONDA” high volume automated hose retrieval system, capable of housing 5km of “MEGAFLOW” 304mm high volume hoses. The “ANNACONDA” is fitted with two (2) “HOSEMULES” that automatically retrieve the hoses. The “ANNACONDA” is fitted with a tail lift allowing the hoses to be “driven” out.

The Deluge System
MEGAFLOW 304mm high volume hoses

The Deluge System
MAXSTREAM high volume flow manifold system

“MAXSTREAM” high volume flow manifold system allows for the connecting of 304mm “MEGAFLOW” supply lines and 184mm and 152mm discharge lines.

Flood Situations

The “DELUGE” system is essential during flood situations and is ideal for managing and controlling excess water thereby mitigating the impact of floods and protecting lives and property as well as the environment.

The “DELUGE” system can rapidly reduce water levels with flows up to 53,000 l/min (3,000,000 litres in 60 minutes) thus preventing structural damage to buildings and infrastructure; ensuring public safety; facilitating Emergency Response and assisting in economic recovery.

Wildland Fires

The “DELUGE” system plays a key role in supplying water for firefighting operations in wildland fires. The system ensures that firefighters have water resources at the fire front to ensure rapid fire suppression; the system supplies water for cooling hotspots and for mopping up operations; the system is ideal for structural protection that requires increased volumes of water; the system easily provides a water source for (MAFFS) modular airborne firefighting operations); the system is the backbone for hose lay operations and further ensures the safety of firefighters.

Fire Suppression System

Water supply is a critical element for the effectiveness and reliability of fixed fire suppression systems. It is essential for these systems to fulfill their role in preventing and mitigating fire-related risks in a wide range of settings. In the event that an existing system is taken out of service for maintenance/repair/replacement, the “DELUGE” system can operate as a “stand-in” system or can fulfil the role of the water supply system for a suppression system as a permanent supply in remote areas.

Water Supply in Drought Conditions

The “DELUGE” system is an imperative requirement for supplying high volumes of water over very long distances during times of drought. The “DELUGE” system will ensure a water supply system for firefighting operations; the system can be used as a distribution system for water supply to residential, agricultural or industrial areas, including airports and other key points; the system is an ideal transfer system and can ensure the replenishing of reservoirs and dams.