Double Assassin Includes:
– Electric rewind “Twin Hose” hose reel with battery charger system on battery
– 20m of water/foam hose and DCP hose & Hose bed for flaking
– Williams Hydro-Chem triple agent nozzle
– 30m x 65mm supply line & 60m x 38mm attack line
– Lockable tool box for storing small gear & Stainless steel plumbing
– 65mm supply for refilling premix tank & 65mm supply for 38mm attack line
– Structural control panel for control of all operations
– Nitrogen compartment for storage of four N2 cylinders for sustained operations
– In-line inductor provided for sustained operations
– The Double Assassin can be towed by standard pick-up

Fire Fighting Trailers
Double Assassin fire fighting trailer

The Double Assassin Trailer is designed to provide a versatile and economical fire-fighting solution, the four-wheel, flat-deck, double-cylinder and equipment transport trailer from fire suppression systems supplier Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies (FST), enables fires to be safely distinguished at a distance.

Named the Double Assassin, as it enables the discharge of a water foam and dry chemical powder from one outlet, the trailer accommodates a 2 500 kg payload and is stabilised by four 600 kg mechanical adjustable stands at each corner. The trailer is built on a dual-axle heavy-duty trailer and offers a 740-litre tank for Class A or Class B foam in premix state.

The Double Assassin has been designed to operate in the mining, aviation, municipal, chemicals, construction and other sectors and can mitigate specific risks like wildland interface, conveyor belt fires, hydrocarbon risks in the form of fuel storage, large hydraulic oil/grease depots, tyre stores, compressors, generators and heavy machinery.

The monitor mounted on the tank has up to 500l/min discharge capability with a stacked tip to adjust flow rate. It comes with 135kg of Purple K dry chemical powder.

Ansul Purple K includes, together with the Potassium Bicarbonate base, ingredients that enhance the flow characteristics and expelling properties but, very importantly, the powder is siliconized to impart excellent water repellency (a very important factor to consider when using Hydro Chem application techniques). The Ansul Purple K is suitable for all B and C class fires that involve flammable liquid fuels such as petrol, diesel, kerosene, oils and alcohols and gasses, etc. A test undertaken by Ansul have proven that Ansul Purple K is twice more effective that the standard Sodium Bicarbonate DCP.