Oshkosh Striker Volterra

There are 6 Vehicle Modes in the Oshkosh Striker Volterra

EV Driving Mode

EV driving activates on startup without any user input when the Striker Volterra vehicle exits the fire station. On re-entry, the vehicle can be seamlessly shifted to EV Mode once more. This mode utilizes only the on-board batteries to power the drivetrain to lowering the fire fighter’s exposure to exhaust emissions and noise.

Standby Mode

During standby mode, the vehicle operates at zero emissions utilizing on-board batteries. Providing comfort and power to required systems. The engine starts as needed to maintain battery readiness.

Oshkosh Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking increases efficiency and reduces brake wear. The vehicles kinetic energy is converted to electricity, recharging the batteries, and reducing brake temperature and wear.

Oshkosh Pump and Roll

Pump and roll utilizes both the engine and the battery. The advanced powertrain continuously powers the pump while the driver’s input is smoothly applied to the vehicle’s motion just like every Striker ARFF.

Oshkosh stationary pumping

Stationary pumping utilizes the internal combustion engine to efficiently power the water pump. The Command Zone Control System optimizes engine RPM based on water pump requirements to reduce emissions and noise.


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Oshkosh Acceleration Hybrid

The vehicle automatically shifts to Hybrid Mode as needed for acceleration, and to maintain the batteries for maximum readiness. The internal combustion engine and batteries work together to maximize performance and improve response time, while reducing emissions. The Striker Volterra 6×6 ARFF can go 0-50 mph (0-80 km/h) in 25 seconds. Improving acceleration by 28% when fully loaded.