Industrial fire mitigation and protection
Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies (Advanced FST) is positioned to become Africa’s leading authority for the mitigation and extinguishing of fire and related incidents in industrial sectors . The company has partnered with the world’s leading authorities in the supply of tactics, equipment, services and foam involving hydrocarbon and alcohol-based products, pressure-related fires, subterranean fires and hazardous material fires.

Advanced FST offers the following products and services to aid in the extinguishment, prevention and mitigation of fires and incidents in industrial and extreme municipal environments:
» Supply, storage and handling of THUNDERSTORM W813A 1×3 AR-AFFF concentrate. Emergency stock of 10k-30k litres are stocked in the Alberton (South Africa) facility
» Supply of locally blended SABO Hydral AFFF (EN & ICAO approved) and AR-AFFF (EN & UL approved) concentrates
» Foam testing laboratory
» In-depth risk assessments and facility evaluations
» Incident-related pre-planning

In today’s industrial environment, training is what stands between success and failure, which is why Advanced FST, together with their international partners, lays huge emphasis on training. The Xtreme Industrial Fire & Hazard Training course offers:
» Classroom content covering case studies, tactical studies, incident assessment, equipment evolution, foam applications, and large volume advanced equipment applications
» Field rotations covering incident logistics – pump operations, apparatus, foam proportioning, hose relays, modular systems deployment
» Live burn rotations – spill fires, loading rack, process unit, pressure fires, seal fires

Advanced FST offers localised training to suit the client’s requirements regarding:

» GAP analysis
» Foam and firefighting tactics
» High flow delivery devices, pumps and submersible pumps
» Feasibility studies, design, supply and installation of foam/water systems
» After-sales service and service contracts on systems, equipment and firefighting vehicles
» On-site support during incidents
» Drone programme for incident command, 3D modelling for training, live feed during firefighting operations, damage assessment, search and rescue, gas and vapour cioud emergencies, 3D surveys and asset management
» Xtreme training programmes for industrial and municipal fire departments
» Best practice workshops
» High volume pump exercise planning and management
» Specialist hazmat training
» Build and operate fire and rescue solutions

» Foam tactics and foam delivery equipment
» Simulator training
» Hazmat identification
» Em ergency response
» Incident command and control

» High-volume pumping, laying and repatriation of high-volume
water systems
» Occupational health and safety
» Environmental management
» Fire safety and risk management
» Best practice workshops

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