Indirect Transitional Attack with Ultra High Pressure

What if you could lower the temperature of a fire by 900°F without putting water directly on the fire? That’s exactly what we did in this video.

Transitional attacks are one of the latest fire fighting techniques to effectively reduce spread while increasing safety before sending firefighters inside. However, it’s not always possible to get directly to the target room from the outside. If you can’t get to the core of the fire from the exterior, do you just revert back to a direct attack and send firefighters inside? We don’t think so.

With a PyroUHP system, you can work an Indirect Transitional Attack. The science comes down to the micro droplets created at the golden 20gpm @ 1200psi ratio. These micro droplets are light enough to stay airborne for an extended period so the fire draws the water to itself.

With an Indirect Transitional Attack, a firefighter can use whatever available window or door to introduce the micro droplets. Getting water to the fire as fast as possible not only reduces the amount of fire and water damage to the structure, but can save firefighter’s lives.


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