Wildland Interface Pumper
CAFS Wildland Interface Pumper

As we have recently witnessed, the wildland fires are growing in veracity and in number, year-on-year. These wildland fires are proving to be a high-level risk and threat in the wildland/rural; wildland/mining; wildland/suburban interface. The mitigation of these interface fires requires specialised and effective firefighting vehicles. In this regard, Industrial Fire & Hazard Control has recently launched the CAFS Wildland Interface Pumper that is highly mobile and versatile to mitigate the most extreme interface fires.

The CAFS Wildland Interface Pumper is based on a 4×4 chassis offering exceptional off-road capability to ensure that the unit arrives at the incident safely and in the least possible time. Firefighting is all about time management and the design of the CAFS Wildland Interface Pumper takes this factor into consideration for all aspects of the operational application.