In conjunction with our site assessment activities and standard course offerings, Industrial Fire & Hazard Control, can customized additional course offerings to meet our customers training needs. Calling on the many years of emergency response experience, the Industrial Fire & Hazard Control team will work with our customers to build a customized course that ensures their emergency response training needs are met.

Courses can be conducted at any number of locations to include our Training Center, our customer’s facility, or at a facility of our customer’s choosing. If live fire evolutions are required, training can be conducted at B.E.S.T. fire grounds. Not a SA facility.


Industrial Fire Fighter Training

  • Fire Brigade Member and Leader Training
  • Safety Officer Training
  • Flammable Liquid Firefighting – Process Unit & Storage Tank
  • LPG Firefighting

Emergency Management Training

  • Incident Command System
  • Incident Management Structure & Training
  • Agency Interface

Emergency Response & Fire Protection Consulting

  • Facility Evaluations – facility fire pre-plans, facility equipment and capabilities, fire protection assessments, hazardous materials assessments and onsite support for emergency response
  • Fixed Industrial Facilities (Storage Tanks/Tank Farms, Operating Areas, Terminals, Loading Facilities, Marine/Dock Facilities, Rail Car Storage Areas, and Pipeline Facilities)
  • Fixed and Portable Fire Fighting Apparatus & Equipment
  • Drill and simulation planning
  • The interface between responsible party, response organisations, regulatory authorities, etc.