The new city-ready F32TLK aerial platform

The new F32TLK is built to race against time in narrow city streets and in complex firefighting scenes. It is faster, it reaches further than ever before, and yet it has a lighter construction to allow more capacity for your equipment. The F32TLK is available in various weight classes with optimised outreach.

With an outreach of over 25 metres, faster automatic jacking, a spacious rescue cage and various other beneficial features, the F32TLK allows you to serve your city in all circumstances. The compact design and short transportation length make the F32TLK a perfect fit for urban environments.

New F32TLK in a nutshell

The F32TLK is a compact and easily manoeuvrable aerial ladder platform unit for an array of rescue and firefighting missions. This aerial platform challenges the conventional fire ladder as a more versatile option and complies with the strictest European standards.

Length only 9 metres – enables access to congested roadways and narrow alleys
Lighter construction with even more outreach – over 25 metres on 18t
Up and over capacity of 7.8 metres, allows access over roofs and parapets
Automatic, synchronised levelling – 45% faster than before
Integrated non-corrosive waterway with 2 500 l/min water capacity
Superior down reach of 5.7 metres
Spacious rescue cage with 500 kg capacity and +/- 55 degree rotation
Integrated, ready to use rescue options, such as stretcher carriers and wheel chair attachments available *
Long outriggers: effective levelling capacity on uneven or hilly terrains
Complies with EN1777 and DIN14701-1 standards
User-friendly Bronto 5+ control system
Detachable winches for people and material available *
Emergency back-up system available *
Wireless remote control available *
* optional equipment


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