PyroBlitz Programme

Our Pyroblitz Programme consists of PyroHMA as well as a Hilux 6×6 chassis cab rapid response vehicle.

Through extensive testing from Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) Firefighter Research Safety Institute, it was found that fires no longer behave like they did 20 years ago. Fires are burning hotter and eight times faster with 233% more chemical signatures in the smoke due to increased use of synthetic materials. HMA Fire’s UHP systems are designed for the modern fire environment with firefighters in mind. Our systems allow you get to the fire faster, apply water faster and bring the fire under control. With only 4-5 minutes to make a rescue, every second counts.



Watch what 20 seconds and 7 gallons can do.

PyroHMA’s UHP technology allows firefighters to quickly arrive at the scene, deploy water and immediately start a transitional fire attack, saving firefighters hours at the scene.

PyroHMA’s UHP systems are critical in the time between when the alarm sounds and the engine arrives on the scene and deploys its water