Hotshot Wildland RIV

Rapid Response Units

The USA Air Force Research laboratory has spent significant time and resources in testing PyroUHP against traditional firefighting systems and standard UHP. The findings are significantly in favour of PyroUHP and the effect that this technology has on Class A and Class B fires.
The PyroUHP system offers a faster and safer attack and is ultimately more effective than traditional firefighting systems. As firefighters operate in the “time management space” – faster response ensuring firefighting operations are undertaken without any time delay – this is the added advantage of the PyroUHP.

Why the Blitz PyroUHP

The BLITZ PyroUHP offers the following distinct advantages over traditional firefighting operations.

Can be mounted onto any chassis cab with a +3500kg GVW
Can be mounted on a single cab or double cab chassis
Degree of efficiency of traditional firefighting methodologies is estimated at between 10 to 20% (up to 90% of water applied has no extinguishing effect).
The effectiveness of the PyroUHP technology is estimated at 90-95%
The USA Air Force Civil Engineering Centre test report on the PyroUHP proved that the system used 45% less water than traditional systems
The use of PyroUHP application resulted in faster room cooling
The PyroUHP used 1/5th the amount of water for de-smoking (hydraulic ventilation) than traditional systems
The fully charged 19mm discharge line is lighter and easier to work with when compared to traditional discharge hoses
The tests show that “greater than 300% improvement in fire fighting efficiency can be obtained using PyroUHP”
Arrive early & hit hard – PyroUHP allows for precision of attack
The PyroUHP offers minimal water damage and minimises environmental impact and collateral damage
Minimum number of first responders are required to operate the unit and the application of the PyroUHP technology prevents exposure to carcinogens
Lower capital cost solution when compared to traditional firefighting units.
The PyroUHP offers greater firefighter safety, less exposure to smoke, heat and steam
The PyroUHP application lowers the risk of flashovers & backdrafts
The PyroUHP technologies allows greater emphasis on controlling the gas phase of the fire instead of just focusing on the fuel phase
The PyroUHP breaks down traditional water droplets in 64 micro droplets which covers 10-12 times the surface area of traditional systems
The PyroUHP technology offers immediate thermal conversion of water to steam absorbing heat quicker
The micro droplets, delivered at high-energy, displaces oxygen
The presence of the fine water droplets effectively disperses radiant heat and reduces flame velocity
Conversion of fine water droplets effectively raises the humidity to 30% and above in which the fire cannot be sustained.
The micro droplets allow for a longer “hang time” in the atmosphere
The speed (velocity) of the micro droplets greatly influences the absorption of heat
The PyroUHP offers both Class A and Class B foam application for increased versatility