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Double Assassin multi-purpose fire fighting trailer

Double Assassin multi-purpose fire fighting trailer

Industrial Fire and Hazard Control recently delivered two Double Assassin multi-purpose fire fighting trailer to Tharisa Mine. Chief Fire Officer Jared Jones of Tharisa Mine said that their specific risks included wildland interface, conveyor belt fires, hydrocarbon risks in the form of fuel storage, large hydraulic oil/grease depots, tyre stores, compressors, generators and heavy machinery and that they required two multi-purpose trailers that would be able to address all of the above noted risks. Industrial Fire and Hazard Control was favourably adjudicated based on operational efficiency/capability versus cost investment after Tharisa Mine’s call for quotations. The Double Assassin trailer is built on a dual-axle heavy-duty trailer and offers a 740-litre tank for Class A or Class B foam in premix state. The monitor mounted on the tank has up to 500l/min discharge capability with a stacked tip to adjust flow rate. It comes with 135kg of Purple K dry chemical powder.

Ansul Purple K includes, together with the Potassium Bicarbonate base, ingredients that enhance the flow characteristics and expelling properties but, very importantly, the powder is siliconized to impart excellent water repellency (a very important factor to consider when using Hydro Chem application techniques). The Ansul Purple K is suitable for all B and C class fires that involve flammable liquid fuels such as petrol, diesel, kerosene, oils and alcohols and gasses, etc. A test undertaken by Ansul have proven that Ansul Purple K is twice more effective that the standard Sodium Bicarbonate DCP.

Other features include:


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– Electric rewind “Twin Hose” hose reel with battery charger system on battery
– 20m of water/foam hose and DCP hose
– Williams Hydro-Chem triple agent nozzle
– Hose bed for flaking
– 30m x 65mm supply line
– 60m x 38mm attack line
– Lockable tool box for storing small gear

– Stainless steel plumbing
– 65mm supply for refilling premix tank
– 65mm supply for 38mm attack line
– Structural control panel for control of all operations
– Nitrogen compartment for storage of four N2 cylinders for sustained operations
– In-line inductor provided for sustained operations
– The Double Assassin can be towed by standard pick-up

Watch the video with Advanced FST group company Industrial Fire & Hazard control director Trevor Fiford for more information.
It’s the technology behind and the design criteria that we’ve applied onto the double assassin that really sets it apart. This technology  we have on the double assassin, which is the Williams Hydra cam technology, enables us to do water foam dry chemical powder through a single outlet so the the water and foam solution and the dry chemical powder out of one nozzle drove the name double assassin we have a philosophy in the business that the best protective clothing for any of a firefighter active any of our client is distance and that’s what the Hydra chem technology allows us to do. We capture the flame, hit it with a dry chemical powder which you would never be able to do with a normal hand held extinguisher or even a vehicle mount DCP system. Because of the distance that you wanted to do this it would normally be in the format of a vehicle but we designed the trailer now to bring down the cost to take away that the mobility of the unit or take away the platform of the unit and put it onto a trailer but retain and even increase the effectivity of their of the the fire mitigation the equipment on the back of it this trailer can of course be used in 4×4 terrain it can be used on normal tod surfaces and everything else it did it complies fully with the the Road Traffic Act it gets licensed and generally wherever you go you find you will always find vehicles like a Land Cruiser or or or a pickup of some sort that can tow this trailer so the trailer is easy to talk easy to handle and you can place it wherever you need it and you can leave it in a stationary position as well because we’ve got stabilizers on it and those stabilizers allow the the unit to be – to be positioned in a single position you can feed it water and find from from external supplies and you can we have a continued firefighting operation so we have airports we have ports authorities we are in mining operations right through the board we are at petrochemical oil and gas facilities we are at tank storage facilities we’re looking at at the local authorities which is municipal district and and national local authorities so it’s a broad spectrum with us there is no limit as to where this double assassin can be used the double assassin is only the start of this model range that we are that we are proposing of course we have various sizes on the tanks we’ve got 680 litres on the specific unit 138 to 135 kilograms of DCP but we’re now looking to increase that size to a thousand two hundred liters water farm solution and then still retain 135 kilograms TCP but we’ve taken all the technology that we have in the Fitri Chemical oil and gas part of our business and we bring in it onto a trailer format because I believe that in the future of course that there’s going to be a bigger demand for trailers because the capital equipment when you buy a mobile firefighting vehicle you’ve got to pay for that chassis care and that is depending on the size of the vehicle is potentially a half or even more than half the total cost of the unit and if we can cut out that value and we can put these units on trailers I think it’s going to be a huge it’s gonna have a huge impact on the market overal.