Advanced Vita Solutions



VITA is made up of stabilized Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL). It is one of the most effective, safest and cost-effective sanitizers on the market and is used for sanitizing, for decontamination, for sterilizing and for disinfecting. It is 100 to 300 times more effective as a disinfectant than bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite).



VITA oxidizes (explodes) the cell wall of pathogens, causing necrosis (rupturing of the cell) or apoptosis (programmed cell death) and thus eliminating them. It is effective in killing all pathogens, microbes, prions, bio-film and viruses. The EPA has approved it as a disinfectant for use against SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19.

VITA has surfactant and electrical properties which reduces the surface tension of the outer protective layer of the virus and like a detergent destroys it to expose the virus which cannot survive outside the human body without its protective outer layer. It is effective in killing all pathogens, microbes, prions, bio-film and viruses.
VITA is highly effective in killing and removing bio-film. Bio-film is problematic in many industries (including hospitals, medicine, pharmaceutical, dentistry, food processing plants and water treatment) as a major source of recontamination.
The majority of sanitizers do not provide for a full kill and cannot remove bio-film and are largely ineffective against bio-film. NB!! a 70% alcohol solution, as well as most other disinfectants, cannot kill bacterial spores or prions.


VITA is 100% safe for humans and it can be applied on the entire body, from head to toe. It has a superior safety level, no adverse effects on fibroblasts and keratinocytes, is free of any oral or nasal toxicities, skin sensitisations or irritations and offers anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. VITA , unlike most other sanitizers, poses no risk of poisoning or causing necrosis (damage) of human cells and tissue. It can also be sprayed in a work environment (e.g. hospital wards, offices, factories, etc.) without the staff or people having to vacate the area or building.


VITA can be sprayed/misted to decontaminate the primary infection points on patients. Because of the electrostatic nature, the droplets will be far reaching and penetrate cracks and hard to reach places and provide for an overall and full surface decontamination. it can also be applied into ventilation and air conditioning systems (hospitals, shopping malls, office blocks, factories, etc.) to provide for decontamination of circulated air to kill airborne pathogens as well as viruses and to prevent aerial cross contamination.VITA is also environment friendly.