Going all the way in protecting our FIRST RESPONDERS
VITA has been approved for use by both the EPA and FDA in our fight against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The only 4-in-1 sanitiser/disinfectant on the market – perfectly suited for our FIRST RESPONDERS and your families.

The safety and health of our FIRST RESPONDERS is paramount and of absolute importance to the Advanced Group of Companies. Every time that our FIRST RESPONDERS turn out to an incident, they place themselves directly in the face of danger. Advanced wants to ensure that we do everything possible to protect our FIRST RESPONDERS from contracting COVID-19.
Advanced VITA is the ULTIMATE 4-in-1 sanitiser to ensure the safety and health of our FIRST RESPONDERS. VITA is the only sanitiser on the market that can mitigate the virus AFTER it has entered through the Points of Infection (eyes, nose & mouth).
1. Nasal irrigate with VITA to kill the virus in the nasal cavities during the incubation period
2. Gargle with VITA to kill the virus in the throat
area during the incubation phase
3. Sanitise your hands and face
4. Disinfect your environment and clothing

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